RehaCare Messe 2017 engl.

From the 4 to 7th of October, the Chap-Rad was announced and exhibited at the International REHACARE in Düsseldorf in Germany.

The whole Chap Rad team wants to thank all visitors for the useful feedback, comments and ideas!


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Sendung MDR Einfach Genial vom 03.01.2017

Designer Christian Czapek has reinvented the wheel: a wheel that is dismantable. The invention consists of three segments and is designed and build for wheelchairs.  It is designed to facilitate people with disabilities. Today, the problem for the wheelchair user is that the wheel is always in the way when moving from the wheelchair into a car, bed or going to toilet.


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SWR Landesschau 13.04.2017

The wheel - the greatest invention of mankind; it simply cannot be further improved!

Christian Czapek, the inventor from Staufen in Germany has developed the first dismantable wheel.


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