The Wheel Reinvented

The development of an ingenious wheel

The professional designer, Christian Czapek, has created an innovation with the Chap Rad wheel which is a revolution for wheelchair users and their caregivers, as everyday life will become easier and more independent.

A specific feature of this wheel is that it can be splitted into 3 segments. If one of the segments is removed, the wheelchair remains stable and the user can change his position without problems for e.g. to a chair or the toilet.

At the first sight the wheel seems to be like a normal wheel, but at a closer look you can see the locking mechanism at the wheel hub.

By a slight adjustment the upper segment of the wheel can be released with a flick of the wrist.

Already 40 years ago, the designer has dealt with the idea of the divisible wheel but he could not found a company that was able to implement it technically.

Now, he has found such a company and stepped into a business cooperation for the exclusive production and sales with the company PME fluidtec GmbH from Ettenheim in Germany.

‚ÄčTogether with the Managing Director, Friedrich Westphal, the design of the Chap Rad wheel has been modified so that the wheel can be produced now in carbon fiber and nylon material which ensures high stability, strength and low weight.